# Lessons

# Group Lessons

Andrew teaches regularly at Boston Lindy Hop, a swing dance school in the Boston metro area where he is the owner and a founding member. Boston Lindy Hop offers a variety of swing dancing lessons for people to who are new to dance to individuals with prior swing dance experience.

# Private Lessons

Andrew offers private lessons in Lindy Hop, Charleston, St. Louis Shag, Collegiate Shag and solo/authentic/vernacular jazz at the rate of $90 an hour for one or two people. Venue rental costs are paid by the student if applicable. There is a one hour minimum for private lessons.

If you are interested in having a private lesson, please reach out on the Contact page with your availability, if you can provide a venue or if one needs to be rented for the lesson, and what are your goals or you hope to get out of the private lesson.

# Workshops

# Local Workshops

For a weekend in Boston or nearby (1-2 hours traveling time max), Andrew requests at least 2 hours of teaching time at $100 an hour. Any more hours are accepted at the $100 USD per hour rate. Travel and food if applicable is paid by the event.

# Traveling Workshops

For a weekend outside of Boston, Andrew requests at least 6 hours teaching time at $100 USD an hour. Any more hours are accepted at the $100 USD per hour rate. When the hours of instruction are met, promoters can request a performance, social dance duties, as well as judging or level testing services.

If the 6 hours cannot be met by the event — Andrew is open to a renegotiated price based on modified hours, classes and supplemental private lessons.

All travel costs, housing, and food are to be paid by the event.