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Andrew Selzer (he/him) began swing dancing at The Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) Swing Dance Club. A native of Southern California, Andrew had a unique swing dance upbringing, learning and dancing on both coasts of the United States. At Penn State in the central Pennsylvania area he had the opportunity to teach, DJ, and organize workshops for several years until his college graduation. These days he is the business owner and a teacher of the Boston swing dance school Boston Lindy Hop.

His travel bug has taken him to places such as Paris, France and Herräng, Sweden, and led to experiences that have provided him with a smorgasbord of influences to bring to a classroom setting.

When it comes to teaching, Andrew's three priorities are dancing with your partner, being inspired by the music, and that "T’aint what you do/ It’s the way that you do it."

# DJing Biography

Andrew Selzer (he/him) started DJing in 2010 for weekly dances in the college town of State College, Pennsylvania, but these days he hails from Boston, Massachusetts where he DJs, teaches swing dancing, and owns and teaches for the swing dance studio Boston Lindy Hop. From late nights, to band breaks, to contests, and a wedding, he has run the full gabmit of DJing responsibilities. Swing dance events he has DJed at include Beantown, The Boston Tea Party, SparX (Case Western Lindy Exchange), The Dirty Water Lindy Exchange, and multiple Penn State workshops and events.

# Awards


  • Canadian Swing Dance Championships
    • 3rd Place - Advanced Balboa Mix & Match with Sophie Lajeunesse
  • School of Hard Knox
  • Boston Tea Party
    • 2nd Place - Take The Lead (Contest where you Lead and Follow) with Bridget Nalbone
    • 2nd Place - Advanced Balboa J&J with Sascha Newberg
  • Kind of a Big Deal
    • 3rd Place - Advanced Mix & Match with Lily Kind
  • Nevermore Jazz Ball
    • 3rd Place - Shag with Andrea Byrnes


  • Boston Tea Party
    • 2nd Place - Switch it Up (Contest where you Lead and Follow) with Andrea Byrnes
    • 2nd Place - Advanced Balboa J&J with Andrea Kugelman
  • Kind of a Big Deal
    • 2nd Place - Advanced Mix & Match with Cari Meisel


  • Kind of a Big Deal
    • 1st Place - Advanced Jack & Jill with Kyra Issacs


  • Boston Tea Party
    • 4th Place - Intermediate Lindy Hop Jack & Jill with Melanie Byrant
  • Jammin' on the James
    • 1st Place - Jick & Jall (Contest where you Lead and Follow)
  • SparX
    • 2nd Place - Solo Jazz


  • Hot Mess
    • 1st Place - Team Contest
  • Lindustrial Revolution
    • 1st Place - Jack and Jill with Josephine Stewart

# Previous Clients

  • Fanueil Hall Marketplace (Teaching & DJing)
  • Celebrity Series of Boston - Let's Dance Boston (DJing)
  • The Roaring 20's Lawn Party (Teaching, Performing, & Judging)
  • The Somerville Theatre - Centennial Celebration (Performing)
  • Racebrook Lodge (Teaching & DJing)
  • Harvard Business School (Performing)
  • Impact Melanoma - 20 Year Anniversary (Performing)
  • Susquehanna College (Teaching)
  • Beantown Dance Camp (DJing & Organized DJ Summit)
  • Dirty Water Lindy Exchange (DJing, Organized DJ Summit, Organized Teaching Summit)
  • Boston Tea Party (Teaching & DJing)
  • Boston Swing Central (Teaching & DJing)
  • York Social Dance Club (Teaching)
  • Penn State Swing Dance Club (Teaching, DJing, & Organizing)

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